modaes 13 de May de 2020 0 Comments

The company has launched Banco de Zapatos, a professional platform connected to the main marketplaces in Spain such as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Modalia or Fashionalia. Digitization, digitization, digitization. This has been one of the most repeated maxims

modaes 5 de July de 2019 0 Comments

The company, which has just merged with Avelon, has partnered with the Brazilian giant Totvs, one of the largest software providers in Latin America, to market its omnichannel platform for retail. MODDO takes a leap abroad and

modaes 14 de May de 2019 0 Comments

The resulting company, valued at thirty million euros, will have as majority shareholders Joaquín Villar and Diego de Vicente, founders of Avelon and MODDO, respectively. MODDO leaps forward and merges with Avelon. The resulting company, valued at

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