We create the Marketplace that your Shopping Center needs

All the stores in your Shopping Center in a unique setting within everyone's reach.

We help Shopping Centers to create their own Marketplace, where we connect physical stores or warehouses to a single sales site, allowing them to manage different sales prices or business rules for each of the brands.


A Marketplace that will add value to everyone

Value for Consumers

Greater product offer and therefore better purchase options.
Better physical shopping experience, both in the search and in the purchase action itself.
Access to multiple options for payment methods, and loyalty.
Better perception of security in the purchase when doing this under the brand of their local shopping center.
Logistical advantages, collection at a Shopping Center (Logistics Point) or access to receive orders in 60-90 minutes/same day/next day.

Value for Retailers

Incremental sales in a new commercial channel totally complementary to the existing ones.
Showcase the investments made in their stores, giving them additional value as product supply centers for Omnichannel sales, that is to say, the stores go from being points of sale, to also being logistics centers.
Increased traffic to your physical stores promoting cross-selling.
Association with a neutral platform that helps them compete with the large purely on-line operators.

Value for Shopping Centers

Showcase the assets that you already have, the Shopping Centers, through the use of Technology and new business models.
Transform what others see as threats, into Opportunities
Differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing new services to your Retailers.
Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and be part of the present and future of Omnichannel retail.
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