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Physical stores are the most important point of Retail businesses.

A large part of the critical information of your business passes through your POS terminal (sales, cash counts, orders in transit, returns, discounts, etc.), and that is why it is necessary to have the most advanced technology at the point of sale, with an effective POS terminal and efficient inventory control, an effective employee administration system and agile data collection, so you can focus on what matters: selling more and better.


The most advanced technology to accompany you in your business


Individually configurable stores
Multiple box closures with cash count
Receipts with on line and on total receipt options
Operations controlled by individual employee PIN (in addition to their employee number)
Order entry possible from stores
Allows sales freeze
Comprehensive On-line Order Management
Comprehensive On-line Order Management
Sale of gift cards
Loyalty scheme
Employee check-in systems
Strong box
Sales assignable to cashier and/or different employees by ticket line
Transfers between stores and/or warehouses
Possibility of labeling in stores
Local reservations, Reservations in other stores
Infinite Aisle (Express Sale) integrated 100% (local sale, sending the product from another store and/or warehouse to the customer's home)
Sales support systems (similar products, other colors, items in stock that meet the criteria of size, color, family...)

HEADOFFICE (manager)

Customized configuration of the article record with up to 14 classification groups, factory attributes, season, model, reference, season, etc.
Powerful filter of articles by characteristics and KPIs (sales, stock, profitability, ...) to carry out any action on or with the selected ones
Configurable promotions with activation/deactivation date, activatable visibility for stores
Article replacement system based on minimums, with advanced criteria and selection of articles by filters
Reservation control
Management of articles with the possibility of cloning records, merging articles from different seasons, manual distribution of stock
Price change by % or price, with capacity to establish filters and/or price ranges, with rounding to terminations psychological Retail Sales Price
Selective inventories and totals sortable from Manager
Control of movements between stores (by order, free movement, by request of stores)
Dynamic report generation system (dynamic XLS table) that allows you to configure customized sales and discount reports, defining different levels of grouping and able to configure the information to be displayed in each case


Any operation, voucher, movement, price change…. Any action carried out on any computer is replicated on all the company's computers within 20 seconds
there are no incidents
Unique client portfolio, capacity to use on-line and off-line vouchers, etc.
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