Infinite Aisle

Don't miss out on sales due to lack of stock

It allows your sellers to order a product that is out of stock, so that the customer receives it at home or picks it up at the same or another store.

The Infinite Aisle is one of the tools invented by MODDO to avoid lost sales when all the work is already done. It has a proven impact of around 15% increase in sales minimum, thanks to the optimization of the physical stock available in our stores, which is made available to ALL the sales channels we want.

With the Infinite Aisle we are able to sell products in our stores that we do not have available, but that are ready to be sent from another store in our chain, or from the manufacturer/supplier, or even from other sellers of our product that are connected to the Product Bank, another one of MODDO's pioneering tools.

Easy to use
It allows the distribution channel store to request a product which is out of stock by pressing a single button.
The system takes charge of deciding which warehouse the merchandise will come from using an algorithm designed by the client.
Fully integrated
System integrated in the store’s POS terminal or the internet browser.
The item can be picked up by the customer at the store in the following days or it can be sent to their home address.
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