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Are your vendors state-of-the-art?

Take advantage of the value of your vendors and strengthen the relationship between your customers and your stores with an easy, fast and effective way of selling through WhatsApp, an application well known by stores and the general public that will help you increase your sales. and establish a unique and personal link with your customers.

Without integrations, and fully compatible with your payment and logistics gateway, it has never been easier to implement a new sales tool in your business.

A new sales channel for customers who are not in your store

but with the direct attention of your sellers

Fully Compatible
with your computer system
Ready in 24h
A simple system that you can have up and running in record time
No Integrations
No facilities
With your logistics and payment gateway
You will be able to continue working with your usual suppliers
you have Web?

Add the button "Sale by WhatsApp"

We add to your website the “Sale by Whatsapp"

Stand out from the competition and offer your buyers a unique sales experience.

The new generation of online stores is here and your company can be part of them.

Your new tool to manage sales and collections remotely:

Manage remote sales
Send the payment link
Control payments
Automated shipments
Talk to your customers

No need for integrations and compatible with your computer system.

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