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  • From the factory to the Web: MODDO launches a ‘marketplace’ to digitize footwear
modaes 13 de May de 2020 0 Comments

The company has launched Banco de Zapatos, a professional platform connected to the main marketplaces in Spain such as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Modalia or Fashionalia.

Digitization, digitization, digitization. This has been one of the most repeated maxims by the fashion sector in recent years and has gained special relevance after the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, which has closed physical stores all over the planet. With the aim of accelerating this process in a sector as traditional as footwear, which is highly exposed to the multi-brand channel, the MODDO technology group has launched the Banco de Zapatos platform.

The project consists of a B2B marketplace so that brands and manufacturers can directly connect their catalogs with platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Modalia, Fashionalia or Pisamonas.

Manufacturers provide their official catalogs and physical stores, inventory. The platform organizes digital sales to be assigned to physical stores, allowing a manufacturer to sell their product without having the stock. Shipping costs and the cost of using the platform are covered by the supplier.

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