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Rodrigo Canelada 9 de February de 2022 0 Comments

The WhatsApp cell phone application has brought about a substantial change in the way we communicate across the planet, and this is something that cannot go unnoticed by companies or their Marketing departments.

This means of messaging, through an Internet connection, allows people anywhere in the world to chat instantly in a very simple and comfortable way. This feature makes it a powerful channel to carry out effective sales.

It should be emphasized that effective marketing and sales by WhatsApp go hand in hand in the process of marketing the products or services of any company. This must be taken into account when planning the techniques and strategies that we will use to publicize these products or services through WhatsApp.

Below we will see the main tools that we can use and the steps that we must follow to carry out an optimal WhatsApp sales strategy.


What are the key principals to make effective sales on WhatsApp?

In order for our company to carry out an effective WhatsApp sales policy, we must take a series of important points into account:


Avoid dehumanization

When developing marketing and sales policies for WhatsApp, we must always bear in mind that we are interacting with real people not with machines, and so we must treat them as such, as human beings who, based on the text they read, can perceive whether they are communicating with a person or a machine.

For this reason, we must avoid generalized and massive sales messages that do not offer a completely personalized tone, since otherwise WhatsApp users may block the account thinking that it is spam.

It will not be necessary for us to write a different message for each of our potential clients, but, to apply a marketing and sales plan for WhatsApp, we will have to write messages that transmit empathy and respect.

For this we can create messages that can be sent to several clients without needing to make many modifications to them and always taking care not to refer to circumstances that have no relation to the interactions that we have already established with that client.


Do not use excessively long texts

When we interact with our clients we must use a type of assertive communication that is based on a positive personal attitude when relating to others. This communication is a key element around which effective marketing and sales policy must revolve when customers request our products or services.

When using WhatsApp to generate a sale, the messages we write should be brief and concise, with the aim of generating trust in the client, and the desire to learn more about our products or services.


Avoid aggressive marketing techniques

An aggressive marketing strategy used in WhatsApp can have negative effects on our relationships with users who could become loyal customers. At all times we must offer truthful information about the characteristics of our products or services.


Write legible messages

In WhatsApp communication, users usually write in an abbreviated form and a colloquial style. But this type of informal writing is not appropriate to connect with our potential clients, some of whom may not even understand the message. We must always take care of the quality of writing in these short texts.

We must not use abbreviations, and take care not to make spelling mistakes, which would give a very bad image of our company, reducing the credibility of our products or services.


Benefits of making effective sales by WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a tool that allows us to carry out interesting marketing actions focused on building one-on-one relationships with customers. In this way we will be able to satisfy the specific needs of each client in real time, quickly and effectively. We will create a more human and personalized shopping experience, shortening sales cycles and at the same time obtaining valuable information about our customers.

Let’s see below some of the most significant benefits of carrying out effective sales by WhatsApp:

  • Real time communication. Through WhatsApp communication occurs instantly and in real time. Customers can always receive attention at the moment they need it.
  • Thanks to new technologies we can hold personalized conversations with many customers at the same time, without this affecting the level of personalization that we mentioned earlier or the effectiveness of these conversations.
  • WhatsApp allows you to contextualize conversations and offer unique personal experiences. We can use personalized communication, build a bond of trust with our potential customers and create a positive experience for them.
  • The reaction that we elicit from our customers after each conversation with them should be carefully observed, as it will help us improve communication processes and our customer service. For this, we must always ask ourselves what we can improve, what the customer liked the most and what they liked the least, etc.


Effective sales tools by WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a free application, for Android and IOS, specially developed for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows us to interact with our clients in a simple way and in real time, using tools to automate, organize and respond quickly to the queries that are received. In addition, there are several ways to integrate WhatsApp on our website so that customers can contact us quickly and directly.

WhatsApp Business allows us, first of all, to differentiate our personal account from the company one without having to change our phone number. In our commercial profile we can indicate the company address its website and business hours, along with information regarding the products or services that we offer.

Another feature of this application is that it allows us to set customer service hours and create an absence message, which improves customer service.

We are also able to label and categorize our clients to better track them.



WhatsApp Pay is a new tool that has just been launched in a trial version and that will soon be commonplace, allowing us to send and receive money through an instant message on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Pay is quite similar to tools like Bizum, but unlike this micro-payment system, the main objective of WhatsApp Pay is to meet the needs of all users, both companies and individuals. With WhatsApp Pay we can not only make transfers to our contacts instantly, but also make donations, transactions to companies and buy in any online store that has WhatsApp Business.

This tool, which as we already have mentioned is not yet available in Spain, will be safe, comfortable, instant, free and compatible.


Effective personalized tools for sales by WhatsApp: APOLO VI

At Moddo we offer a WhatsApp sales tool for stores or factories, completely tailored to the needs of our customers.

APOLO VI is a mobile tool for sales and payment by WhatsApp that has a very simple and intuitive operation. Customers contact us via WhatsApp to place an order. The seller advises and carries out the sale over the same platform. Finally, the customer receives a link to enter the delivery address and pay remotely.

This innovative tool, which allows us to manage orders remotely, offers several advantages for any small and medium-sized business:

  • Records orders remotely.
  • Sends payment to customers.
  • Monitors the status of orders.
  • Contacts customers.
  • Is compatible with the computer system.
  • Is integrated with logistics and payment gateway.
  • No need for integration or digital catalog.


In conclusion, we can say that WhatsApp is a powerful effective sales channel that offers small and medium-sized companies multiple possibilities to expand their business volume. Today, it is still a great unknown for many companies, who must gradually embrace this new, effective sales tool.